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Requiem [Guild Rules]
Guild Rules
  • Please try to do Daily Base Quests (Feel free to ask for help w/ questions or mob quests)
  • Respect faction members in-game & in faction chat. Keep it clean, decent, respectable.
  • Please refrain from World Chat trash talk,you are part of Requiem, we take pride in our good name.
  • Respect others (Race, Nationality, Ethnicity, Disabilities, Religion, Handicaps, Size/Looks, Gender, Sexual Orientation/Preference, etc.)
  • No Personal Attacks/Trolling (There's a difference between having fun and being a prick)
  • No PKing fellow members/allies (pokes are pokes, but do not poke with the intent to kill)
  • No Begging
  • Sign up for Events, even if you can not attend (helps us keep track of member activity)
  • Breaking any of these above rules is the quickest way to be removed from faction!
  • Have fun and enjoy the game!
Requiem Base [Exam Quiz Questions & Answers]
Current Faction Exam Questions & Answers

Question 1 - Which is not the Faction Leader's responsibility?
Answer - Increases all Faction members' level by 1.

Question 2 - A Faction Base's level can be upgraded using EXP. Which of the following does not contribute to EXP?
Answer - Faction Member Upgrading

Question 3 - Building upgrades require time and materials. If you use more materials, you would save more time. Is this true?
Answer - Yes

Question 4 - After finishing the quests, players can obtain various materials corresponding to their race. What kind of material is rewarded to the Humans?
Answer - Ethersteel

Question 5 - A horrible calamity has struck Perfect World. A race foresaw this event and has the ability to lead the people in Perfect World towards a brighter future. Which race can is destined to lead the others to rebuild their new homeland?
Answer - Earthguard

Question 6 - Circa the year 1000, a new human civilization is beginning its expansion in the west. Due to its location, the people called it the Sunset Country, or the Dusk Country as it has come to be known. But in what year did disaster strike this civilization?
Answer - PW. 1044

Question 7 - In just 30 years, the Dusk Country went from being an unknown country to becoming a powerful empire with vast amounts of land. In order to achieve this, their emperor obtained a mysterious Relic that made his troops nearly invincible. Because of this, they won nearly every battle. But in the end, the Relic was buried with the emperor upon his death. What is the name of this relic?
Answer - Golden Mask

Question 8 - After finishing the quests, players can obtain various materials corresponding to their race. What kind of material is rewarded to the Mystic?
Answer - Tellus Wood

Question 9 - Unprocessed
Answer - The Tale of the Red Manor

Question 10 - Upgrading the Manor of Justice can provide some passive benefits to Faction Members. What is one of those benefits?
Answer - Gain EXP by simply standing there.

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